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Our Holiday Card Project is Underway!!!


How Can You Help?


  1. Send Cards!  Visit our Features accepting cards page. The features listed on this page are those participating in the Holiday Card Project.


Any number of cards welcome!!  Send one card or send 41+

Every card makes a difference!!

 Detailed instructions are also included on this page.


   Last year, we collected over 18,403 cards! Let's do it again this year!


              2. Spread the Word! Help spread the word by printing out our flyer and displaying it in your community...local grocery store, Laundromat, church bulletin or similar area to help advertise our project! Perhaps recruit your local Boy Scout or Girl Scout troops to join in as a service project!


3. Contribute to Shipping! Mailing is our greatest expense. Sending out over 41 packages at $18.75/package adds up quickly! If you wish to make a shipping donation, you can do so HERE  We'll enclose a note in your package crediting your donation to the recipient :)


4. Donate Blank Cards! Do you make cards and have a surplus? Or have a pile of store bought cards that you won't use? We have local Scout and 4H groups that will help with signing names to them.


More Details Can Be Found HERE


Flashbacks From 2015:


       Visit our 2015 Holiday Card Project Results Page to hear all the exciting details from last year!




click here to read all about it!


What is ShareaCard?


We "Feature" adults and children who are battling serious illness. What makes us different? There are many groups that reach out to children, but being an adult struggling with an illness can be very lonely.

ShareaCard helps fill that void!


How Can I Help?


Send Cards! There are two ways you can participate in ShareaCard......become a member or send bulk cards. There are several benefits from becoming a member. You would join our YahooGroup and receive updates on our Features as well as be entered into monthly prize giveaways. If you don't want the commitment of sending a card on a monthly basis but love making cards...we'd love to have your bulk cards! This is  a great project for a stamping group or club.


Please Join us......

We believe we can make a difference in the lives of others....One Card at a Time!


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