Let's Make These Holiday Birthdays More Special!







Woud you like to send just one card a month to help someone in need?


Would you like the wonderful feeling of  knowing you have helped brighten

someone's day?


      Then ShareaCard is for you!


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This years Holiday Card Project

brought record numbers once again!! We were hoping for 18,500 cards and we received 19,130 cards!!!!




Here at the ShareaCard office, the preparations for the Holiday Card Project begin around the end of August.


 I start assembling the boxes that I predict will be needed to hold all the cards that are anticipated to come in. This year, I was fortunate enough to have some space in the family room of my other house to spread everything out.



I keep a spread sheet of all the participants and the contacts we have over the years and I construct a "recruitment letter" asking them to get involved once again. I print out those letters (I think this year it was over 300!) along with enclosing a brochure for the ones who aren't familiar with the workings of ShareaCard and get the envelopes all filled, addressed, stamped and ready to be mailed.


Sometimes, the press call me to do interviews. Other times, I reach out to them. As much as I hate that part....I suck it up and do what I have to do in the best interest of ShareaCard :)





                                                                   My grandchildren helped me sort the cards!


                                                               DSC_0735        DSC_0735







                                                       As you can see, we had ornaments, hats, socks, gloves, candy cane mice,  necklaces, handmade gift packets, candy gifts and tons of cards!



                                        DSC_0735       DSC_0735


                                                 DSC_0735   DSC_0735   DSC_0735


                                               DSC_0735                                DSC_0735                         DSC_0735


DSC_0735    DSC_0735  






But most of all...THANK YOU ALL ! If you didn't send cards, we wouldn't have this wonderful project!!







Here are regular card makers for several years now!


Left to Right

Owen (3rd Grade), Julia (9th Grade), Alexandra (8th Grade) and Molly (7th Grade)




Read what the recipients of your cards are saying HERE






Here are all the cards ready for pickup by the Post Office!



ShareaCard is looking for more wonderful happenings in 2017! We hope you will be a part of it all :)


Big Hugs,

Kath, Cindy, Gigi, Connie and Tricia









You Have the Biggest Hearts!


Thank you everyone who helped send cards for our Holiday Card Project!




THANK YOU seems like such a small word for all you have done but it comes from the bottom of our hearts!