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February  2008


  January             Al / Bobbie G.             March

Al's Story


as told by his wife, Charlotte


Al lost his battle with cancer on July 19th, 2008. Our deepest sympathies to Charlotte and all of Al's family.


Al is a quiet, gutsy man who opted for 'yet another round' of chemo and radiation - after already having had a total of 9 months of different chemos and a host of radiation during these 3 yrs, including Cyber Knife in San Francisco!. 

He was diagnosed w/stage IV lung cancer on Dec. 4, 2004!  He's also been blessed with many months of feeling pretty darn good, and being able to spend some wonderful times with family and friends. We cherish each and every day that God gives us.

Al is a very generous and giving man - always quietly.  He was a volunteer fireman for 30 years (captain) - helping many, many folks in their time of need during that time - whatever their need.  He is a Korean War Vet.  He taught Jr. High School for 38 years (such patience!), and always made time to tutor if needed.  When he's not on chemo, he tutors some of the children in our neighborhood in math!

He likes football (all levels), golfs and rides his bike when he's able.  He's a Christian, and enjoys going to church.  Loves to play games, i.e. cards, mexican train, etc. with friends, and usually beats me at cribbage! 


His favorite colors are red and green.  He's always willing to try something new, and will eat just about everything I cook.  (not fond of chicken livers!)

We've been married 45 years, met when I was in Nurses Training and have lived in California since 1962.  We have two children, Alan, 43 (egads!), and Craig, 41 - two granddaughters, Kellie (13) and Grace (11).  Our children and their families live about 3 hours south of us.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to know that others care!













February 2008  Feature



Name: Al B.

Birthday:  October 31st

Diagnosis: Stage IV Lung Cancer

Interests/Likes: Football, Golf, Fireman, Favorite Colors...Red & Green


Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to Al!




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