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February  2009


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Alan's Story


Alan was involved in a car accident on Saturday January 21st, 2009. He took the whole brunt of the impact. He actually died at the scene and was brought back to life. He is in worse than critical condition. He has internal bleeding, lacerated liver, shattered pelvis and collapsed lung. Also stomach acid in his lungs from aspirating
during revival. Alan is a High school
10th grader. Has a younger sister and brother. Lives out in the country and has a few horses. He is always the life of the party

He enjoys the Florida gators, pancakes, chili, hanging out with his friends  and  his family.  He loves Football, baseball, softball, basketball.











February  2009  Feature



Name: Alan

Birthday: July 3rd, 1992

Diagnosis: Critically Injured in Auto Accident
Interests/Likes: Florida Gators/football/Baseball/Softball


Updates On: Alan

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