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November  2008


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Alice's Story


as told by her daughter, Nancy



Sadly, Alice passed away on April 6, 2013. Our deepest sympathies to Nancy and the rest of the family. I'm sure she will be missed dearly.



Update- August 2012- "My mom remains in total care, total fed an all pureed diet. She's bedridden but does get up for meals with the use of a mechanical lift. She will be 92 this ear. Thankfully, she still knows us, remembers stories from the past and does converse somewhat. Once in a while she will say a sentence without prompting, but usually she just responds to questions. I know that her quality of life is poor now, but she still has a twinkle in her yet and it means the world to me to hear over the phone, "I love you" Thanks for keeping the cards going"



I am so thrilled and happy that my mom has been selected for the November “share a card” feature!  She will be so happy to get the cards!  She has endured so much lately.  She has had quite a rough time of things since the end of August.  She nearly died in the nursing home, was resuscitated, and sent to the hospital, and then stabilized enough to have her total hip replacement.  That was done 9/12/08 and then it was discovered that she had the MRSA infection in her blood and it infected her heart valves.  She needed intensive antibiotic therapy and was finally moved to a new nursing home for rehabilitation for her new hip.  She has been there less than a week and they are so impressed by how well she is doing!  I’m telling you, this woman has endurance! 


She is also legally blind and close to 90 years old. She has mild dementia and needs reminders of the date, place and other common facts.  Her long term memory is excellent, however!  


 She would love to hear loving thoughts and well-wishes from kind strangers all over the world, and again, thank you so much for selecting her for November!!

Alice is very religious (Catholic) and would love mass cards sent to her.  Being legally blind, it would be helpful to write using a black marker so that she can read it (and write large).  If you do not write large/bold, someone will read the cards to her.  She loves dogs, bright flowers, any bright colors or contrasting colors.  She loves to play cards (has BIG cards to use) and any sort of game (bingo, bunco, etc...) And she loves music from her era.  Mostly she would love words of encouragement and bright thoughts as well as prayers


Alice and her husband, prior to his passing in

September 2006






Alice with her kids on her 88th birthday in August



Alice and her daughter, Nancy during a visit in July 2009



November  2008  Feature



Name: Alice

Birthday: August 24th

Diagnosis: Recent Hip Replacement/ Legally Blind/ Elderly
Interests/Likes: Dogs/ Bright Colors/ Playing Cards & Games

Updates On: Alice

Mailing Address:


 Her family wishes to express their thanks for all the kindness that they showed to her!





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