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January 2005


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Ann's Story



It seems like just yesterday (2003)when I received my diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disease. It was a bittersweet comfort knowing the diagnosis as there is no treatment or cure. It is a constant fight to maintain any energy as the disease feeds of my energy supply.


The progression of my illness has made my lungs and muscles in my legs function poorly. Strokelike episodes are quite common, including instant fatigue, slurred speech, loss of motor coordination, tremors, and memory loss. I have irreversible optic nerve damage in one eye, resulting from eye flareups per Mitochondrial Disease.


There are frequent visits to the ER for pain. Recently I was in the hospital for 6 days on a constant feed of morphine and a dilaudid drip. "Normal" living is almost foreign to me as I cope with the challenges of each new day. My faith in Jesus, along with family and close friends help to ease the strife of being a Critical Care patient. I am blessed to have understanding doctors on my side.


Writing has become my constant source of "living" life. I enjoy photographing nature scenes; trees, sunsets, landscapes. I also like to read books and listen to ease listening or classical music.


For more information on Mitochondrial Disease visit Ann's Website










January 2005 Feature



Name: Ann E.

Birthday: October 12

Diagnosis: Mitochondrial Disease


Photographing Nature & Scenery/Reading/Listening

to Classical & Easy Listening Music

Updates on: Ann


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