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May  2004


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Ann Marie's Story


as told by her Aunt Margie



My niece, Ann Marie, has already survived three bouts with cancer. At the age of 17, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She under went several surgeries for diagnosis and staging. The prognosis was positive, the cancer was detected in the early stages and had only spread to her neck and chest. At the time, her treatment consisted of 2 cycles of intense radiation therapy. The lymphoma is in remission now.


Last year, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. At the age of 28, she underwent a bi-lateral mastectomy with post operative reconstuction surgery. It was a long and painful recovery, but thankfully she did not need any further treatment.


After her recovery she decided to continue her college education. She moved back to Nevada and is currently attending UNLV. Things were starting to look up, until she experienced another minor set back. Earlier this year she was diagnosed with yet another bout of cancer. This time it was Thyroid Cancer. The doctors removed as much thyroid tissue as possible and have placed her on medication. Her prognosis is promising. The cancer was once again detected in its earliest stage and thankfully did not spread to any of the surrounding tissues. She underwent a small radioactive iodine treatment last week. At this time it has not been determined if she will have to repeat this procedure in the near future. She will find out the results next month.


The doctors have determined that both the breast and thyroid cancer were a direct result of the radiation therapy she received as a young girl to treat the lymphoma. She is at risk of developing several other types of cancer over her life time. Through it all she has remained positive and has proven herself to be a fighter. She attributes her inner strength to her religion and the loving support of her family and friends.


She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching movies, walking her dog and reading. Her favorite colors are shades of pink.











May 2004 Feature



Name: Ann Marie

Birthday: December 8

Diagnosis: Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Breast Cancer, Thyroid Cancer


Family Time/Watching Movies/Walking her Dog/Reading/ Favorite Color is Pink

Updates on: Ann Marie


Mailing Address:


Ann Marie was given a clean bill of health. Thanks for helping her thru her trying times!





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