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  January  2011


  December        Antoinette /Kathryn        February

Antoinette's Story


 as told by her friend, Grace

Antoinette has severe degenerative scoliosis, and is in constant pain.  Due to some personal family issues she is very lonely. She has a lot of trouble getting around because of the pain, and can't work, so visiting her friends is difficult as well. She feels very forgotten; I think this service would be perfect for her. 

In addition to cards, prayers would be very appreciated.

Comments: Hobbies:  Loves to read, watch movies, go to karaoke, study foreign languages, and used to love to travel but it's very difficult now.

Interests: Loves reading the Bible, charity work, playing board games, and doing puzzles.

Favorite colors:  Purple and pink.

Favorite scents:  Vanilla, amber, lavender, and chocolate.



January 2011 Feature



Name: Antoinette

Birthday: November 17th

Diagnosis: Severe Degenerative Scoliosis.

Interests/Likes: Purple and Pink/ Reading

Updates On: Antoinette

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