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September 2016


  July           Aryannah / Laura         October

Aryannah's Story





 Aryannah is a sweet 13 year old who has had recurrent brain tumors since the age of 2 and has undergone several surgeries to remove them.

She has had 2 strokes and had to "re-learn everything," according to her grandfather. She currently has a tracheotomy, as well.


She lives with her grandparents.


She likes a lot of things, especially dogs and cats, Elsa and Anna from Frozen and the color red as well as arts and crafts and games.


Looks like she may have to have home tutoring this will as she is not quite up to attending school right now.


I know she would love to receive cheerful cards from Shareacard.


This child needs a lot of medical care and these grandparents are doing the best they can to help her although they are very limited.
















September 2016  Feature



Name: Aryannah

Birthday: October 17, 2002

Diagnosis:  Meningioma Brain Tumors

Interests/Likes: Dogs/Cats/ Elsa and Anna from Frozen / Red/ Crafts


Mailing Address:


C/O ShareaCard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022





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