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  October  2011


  September       Ashleigh / Betty     November

Ashleigh's Story


as told by her friend, Donna


Up until June of this year Ashleigh was a healthy vibrant 20 year old that worked full time and attended college full time.   She found a lump on her right shoulder at the end of April and saw her primary MD and a surgeon and was diagnosed with a cyst on her shoulder.  The surgeon ordered an MRI but she was unable to lay flat for it and when she went back to the surgeon he ordered an emergency CT.  That day we found out she had Lymphoma.  She then had a needle biopsy and was admitted to the ICU due to difficulty breathing.  She spent a week in the hospital,  had an open biopsy and then 2 days later was started on chemotherapy with a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  


As of today she has completed her 3rd round of chemo. She will receive 6 rounds of chemo three weeks apart and then will have a bone marrow transplant and radiation.   We will have to travel to Columbus Ohio for the bone marrow transplant. That will be tough for her since she will not be able to see her friends for several weeks.   She is being admitted to the hospital for rounds three through six  of her chemotherapy due to potential side effects.  The nurses will keep a close eye on her kidney and liver function as the medication she receives can be damaging to both.


Ashleigh finds it challenging to be in the hospital receiving her chemo. She is very active and enjoys spending time with her friends , going out to eat,  and going to movies.   She has been very strong through this journey.  She has good days and bad days of course like anyone does that has a life threatening illness.


She is a Christian and knows God is in control.  She recently has had a more difficult time dealing with her illness.  Feelings of anger, grief, sadness, and frustration.  I cannot imagine how she feels being so young and having to deal with something so serious.  


 We appreciate your thoughtfulness during this challenging time.

Comments: Favorite color is lime green. Right now her sense of smell is very sensitive.  Most smells make her nauseated.  She loves texting,  communicating on Facebook, watching movies , hanging out with her friends, going out to eat, and having her nails done and going to movies.




October  2011 Feature



Name: Ashleigh

Birthday: April 12th

Diagnosis: Large Diffuse B Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Interests/Likes: Watching Movies/ Social Networking/ Going out to eat/Hanging with her friends/ Favorite Color is lime green.

Updates On: Ashleigh

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