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September 2005


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Belinda's Story

as told by her friend, Debbie


Belinda is a wonderful woman, wife, mother, grandmother and friend. She has a daughter and two grandchildren who live close to her and help her when needed. Belinda had 2 sons also, one passed away as an infant and one a couple years ago. His children also live by her now too. It's been a tough life for her. She met her husband Kurt a few years ago and they are very happy. He is a truck driver so is gone a lot, which is really hard on both of them at the moment.


She is in her 50's, and is on her third bout of cancer, this one being colon cancer. There were 5 lymph nodes involved, so they removed all 11. She had uterine cancer in her 20's and a lump in her breast a few years ago.


She is the type of woman that would do anything for anyone if at all possible. She managed to get through work throughout chemo and radiation prior to surgery. She will be doing 6 months of chemo again when her strength is back up. She is a very strong woman. She is also one of my bosses and I miss her at work very much. She is always happy and her laughter can be heard throughout the office.


She loves to decorate and make things, macramae, lamps, tables etc. Her favorite hobbies at the moment are her minature pinschers, standard doberman and her birds. She has a Macaw, a Cockatoo and some beautiful parrotlets which she is breeding. (I have one of her min pin puppies). She also loves Angels and other old fashion dolls. Her favorite colors are earthtones and the color purple, along with bright colors.

















September 2005 Feature



Name: Belinda

Birthday: May 28

Diagnosis: Colon Cancer


Macrame/Angels/Macaw's/Favorite Colors are Earthtones/Purples

Updates on: Belinda


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