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   February  2010


  January              Bill /Beckie          March

Bill's Story


as told by his daughter, Melody


Bill passed away on May 26, 2010. Our deepest sympathies to his family.



My father, Bill, is truly my hero. He is a high achiever, hard worker, and extremely creative. He started a garden center and landscape business with my mother, Karen, over 30 years ago, and with his artistic vision, it has evolved into a landscape of paradise.


For 15 years, he has struggled with life-threatening health problems...and told several times he would surely die. He has had 1/4 of his lung removed, one kidney removed, surgery on his bladder, triple by-pass surgery, a pacemaker, and years of chemo. Through all the suffering, he has shown such strength, and Faith in God...this has become his testimony. When told there is a risk he might not make it, my father always responds "Being born is a risk too."


Bill has one grandson, Luke (age 7) who he adores.


My father Bill, holds onto his Faith and walks with the Lord in "His time always." Bill, one great man, because he's a man.

He enjoys  wood carving, gardening, classic cars/hot rods and going to the drag races.

Bill with his son, Micah at work.




Bill with his daughter, Melody


Bill with his wife, Karen


Bill and Karen August 2009


Sleepover with grandson, Luke

February  2010 Feature



Name: Bill T.

Birthday: July 9th

Diagnosis: Bladder Cancer with metastasis to abdominal wall and lung

Interests/Likes: wood carving/gardening/classic cars

Updates On: Bill T.

Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to Bill!





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