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November 2002


   September     Bobbie Ι Patty H.   December


Bobbie's Story


as told by her granddaughter Cathy



Bobbie is a diabetic who has had several problems caused from this. She has severe vision loss and is on dialysis currently. She goes 3 times a week and her other days off are filled with doctors appointments.


 She had her left leg amputated at the beginning of the year and recently she had to have her pinky toe on her right leg removed. Her health is deteriorating slowly. She is also having heart problems. Bobbie has been discouraged over the last couple months with her health conditions worsening, and she is in need of some serious encouragement.


She loves to go to church, but is not able to most of the time. She loves to watch westerns,T.V. Land, and she enjoys watching her grandsons play. Because of her eyesight she can not read or write. But, she loves listening to Christian music.


Card making tips: Bobbie's daughter will read the cards to her, and she can see when she holds things up close, so I would suggest using graphics that are bold with bright colors. We sent Bobbie a CD player and some of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books on tape for her to enjoy when she goes for dialysis


















November 2002 Feature



Name: Bobbie R.


Diagnosis: Renal/Heart Failure


Watching Westerns/Listening to Christian Music

Updates on: Bobbie


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