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November 2007


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Bob's Story



I am a 62 year old retired CPA, married to Sandra  since March 3, 1967, with a 40 year old daughter and a 35 year old son. I have three grandchildren.


My family moved to CA in 1979 where I opened an accounting practice. In 1982 I had my first heart attack by-pass surgery. In 1987and in 1988 I had additional heart attacks which were treated with stints. In 1990 I had another heart attack followed by a second by-pass surgery. By 1996 I had developed Congestive Heart Failure which resulted in a Heart Transplant in October 2001.


Now as if that hadn’t been enough fun, in September 2005 my intestine ruptured resulting in a colostomy which, thankfully was reversed in May 2006. However, as a result of my illnesses and the harsh drug regimen my kidneys have failed and I am undergoing dialysis while waiting on the donor list.


In the meantime, I have been blessed in that 14 wonderful friends and relatives who have volunteered to be living kidney donors. Unfortunately for reasons of compatibility or their personal health reasons they will not be able to donate. So we are waiting.


During the last twenty five years of these health challenges, I have been truly blessed in that my wife has been my devoted friend and caregiver. Through her efforts, in spite of my challenges, I have been able to live a somewhat comfortable and productive life.



I'd like to publicly thank my wife, Sandy.  In times of challenge, we sometimes forget those who truly do the real heavy lifting; those who bear the stress and pain silently and bravely while watching their loved ones suffer.


 I have benefited greatly from her countless hours of sacrifice and care and want her to know how much I appreciate her.

















November 2007  Feature



Name: Bob C.


Diagnosis: Kidney Failure


Updates On: Bob C.

Mailing Address:


Bob received his transplants and is doing very well! He is no longer in need of cards :)




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