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September 2003


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Brennan's Story


as told by her Mom



Brennan passed away on November 1, 2003 at home with her family by her side. There are no words I can think of to say to a parent who has watched a child suffer endlessly then die in their arms. All I can do is weep with them, and let them know that I care. ~Suzanne


Brennan was diagnosed Jan 4, 1999 at age 3 with a stage 4 neuroblastoma. That year she underwent 8 rounds of chemo and had a stem cell transplant 4 days before her fourth birthday. She was in the bone marrow transplant unit for 3 months and after only 6 weeks home she was diagnosed with a second cancer which was mucoepidermoid carcenoma ( an adult cancer only seen 3 times in a child). While enduring treatment for this cancer she suffered a massive stroke that left her right side paralysed and she was unable to speak. She has since recovered her speech and can walk but lost use of her right arm. (they told us she would never walk again) During these two years we were only home from the hospital 41 days. After transplant she became platelet dependent and must go to the hospital every 2 days for transfusions. In March 2002 she relapsed with neuroblastma and is currently struggling on treatment in hopes of a remission or some sort of stabilising. She continues long hospital stays and is in more than she is out. However she is bright and happy. She is a ray of sunshine who faces all of these battles head on rarely complaining and always with a smile.

More about Brennan and her family: She adores her big brothers Jordan 12, and Morgan 10. They are her best friends and she shares everything with them. Her favourite colour is pink. She loves her doll house, polly pocket and barbie. Her favourite baby dolls are Jessie and Annabelle. She loves all the Disney princesses and proudly has her own dress and crown. She will only wear dresses and loves to be dressed up and loves to shop! She is a girl's girl all the way. She enjoys making crafts and loves to give them to her friends and family. Stickers are a favourite pastime. She loves books and movies. She says when she gets better she wants a white kitty named Snowball.

Brennan loves to get mail and will often share her cards with her brothers, especially Morgan so they don't feel left out.



















September 2003 Feature



Name: Brennan

Birthday: November 10

Diagnosis:Neuroblastoma, Mucoepidermoid Carcenoma


Polly Pocket/Dollhouses/Books

/Movies/Favorite Color is Pink 


Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards and gifts-you helped make a difference in this little girl's life!




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