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April  2008


  March             Bud L./Jimmie            May

Bud's Story


as told by his wife, Loraine


Last May,a few days after his mom's death, Bud found out that he might have cancer.  After months of testing and several biopsies, the doctors decided that he had soft tissue cancer.  In December, he started Chemo therapy but after the first 2 treatments, he had some really bad reactions.  Once, his blood pressure rose very high and he had to have help bring it down.  The second treatment, his blood pressure dropped very low.  Once they had his blood pressure stabilized, the doctors said no more chemo for him.



 In January,he started radiation treatments.  Last Tuesday he finished them.  Now he can't eat or drink anything.  He thinks he needs to start helping me again but he is not able to.


Bud's hobbies are hunting, gardening, and any outdoors activities.  He also likes horses, woodworking and anything to do with farming and building.  He says he lives in the wrong time, he should have lived in the old west times.  He even helped me with my crafts and swaps.













April 2008  Feature



Name: Bud L.

Birthday: May 27th

Diagnosis: Cancer of the soft tissue of the neck

Interests/Likes: Hunting/Gardening/Horses/


Updates On: Bud L.

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