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July  2008


June       Cassidy /Caroline    August

Cassidy's Story


as told my her mom, Stacey

Cassidy has been fighting many things in her life since she was born. I always knew that something was wrong but I never could get the Doctors to agree. Last year on August 15, 2007 she had a MRI done. Before I could get her a fourth of the way home her pediatrician was calling me to tell me they had found some crowding of her brain and spinal cord on her MRI. Chiari Malformation is the name of what she has.


 I had no idea of the road we were about to take. Later we would find out that she has Syringomyphelia as well. Like so many other children she will have to live with this for the rest of her life there is NO cure for what she has.


Cassidy will never be able to play her soccer again that she loves so much and was so wonderful at, until she started to lose her coordination. Falling at times while she was walking and numbness and tingling in her hands and arms. Prayer is what we all need to do! Not only for her but for all the children is what she says.


She just underwent her first surgery for Posterior Fossa Decompression. We are at home right now but have had to go back a few times for some complications. She isn't able to return to school at the moment so we are homebound. The doctors say this is just the first of surgeries she will have to have. We have hopes that the decompression surgery will help the 2 syrinx she has in her spine, if not they will have to place a shunt in each one and redirect the fluid into her abdominal cavity. We along with our church pray very hard that God will help her overcome all of this in her life.


Cassidy also battles with a Developmental Delay as well as Speech problems and ADHD. But she is one of the strongest people I know. My princess in life, my best friend when I get sad about it all, she is a wonderful child to her family.


Cassidy has a mission in life and that is to get well to help other children like herself to find a cure for this awful disease. www.asap.org The ASAP organization has helped me alot, sending emails and monthly newsletters about CM and SM. So Lets All Pray To One Day Find A Cure For This!!! You can also visit www.conquerchiari.org to find out more information.


 PLEASE keep Cassidy in your prayers that one day they will find a cure for this!!! 
Cassidy is still struggling with many complications and pain and so many other aspects in her life because of this she rarely smiles any more and she is such a wonderful child.

Comments: Hannah Montana, coloring, Sunday School, making bracelets to sell to earn money for a cure one day, playing with her baby dolls and Barbie dolls, listening to music. watching Disney channel







July 2008  Feature



Name: Cassidy T.

Birthday: February 9, 2001

Diagnosis: Chiari Malformation
Interests/Likes: Hannah Montana/ Making Bracelets/ Sunday School/ Coloring

Updates On: Cassidy

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