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May  2008


April       Chappy/Reid       June

Chappy's Story


Chappy received his transplant! He has been placed Inactive Status :)

 Medically retired US Army Chaplain, Ordained United Methodist Elder (Minister)

Developed my illnesses as a result of exposures most likely during the original Gulf War (1991)

Married to Pat for past 15 years: elderly Mother-In-Law resides with us as does an English Cocker Spaniel, a Cat, and a 35 pound Tortoise

Currently awaiting the possibility of a double Lung Transplant, which would require me moving to San Diego if accepted into their program, while awaiting a new set of lungs.

I enjoy  Model Railroading, tools of all kinds, amateur Astronomy.

I like any color but pink.

Due to the lungs can no longer get to near any strong scents.  But Orange Blossoms, Gardenias and the air after a good rain storm were among my favorites.





         Chappy and his wife



May 2008  Feature



Name: Chappy

Birthday: February 6th

Diagnosis: Mixed Connective Tissue Disease with Interstitial Lung Disease

Interests/Likes: Model Railroading/ Tools/Astronomy

Updates On: Chappy

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