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  June  2011


  May       Cheryl P. /Jeanette       July

Cheryl's Story


Sadly, Cheryl passed away on June 10, 2011. Our sympathies to her family and friends.

She would like to receive cards and letters she is dying from a fatal Lung Disease called Pulmonary Veno Occlusive Disease (PVOD) for short They are  disconnecting her Dopeamine in a couple of weeks and it will be only a few days to a few months till she passes.

She wishes for cards and letters to cheer up her and her family. She is only 47 years old and was told she would not live past Oct of last year and she has gone past that. She is tired.

Comments: She loves everything at this point and I know that to fill her box with lovely card and letters would just give her family the time they need to share with her. This was her last dying wish. She told me she would just like to get lots of happy mail. Can we bring her dying wish to light?





June 2011 Feature



Name: Cheryl P.


Diagnosis: Terminal Lung Disease

Interests/Likes: Receiving Cheery cards!

Updates On: Cheryl P.

Mailing Address:







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