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July 2014


  May        Clara / Rob    September

Clara's Story


as told by her friend, Tammy



At age 39, Clara has been diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer and given six months to six years to live. Only five years separated from her last breast cancer battle that ended with a bilateral mastectomy and successful chemo treatment, Clara complained of back pain about two or three months before her latest diagnosis. She told Corrie that her lower back hurt and that they needed to look at getting a new bed. About a month and a half later, Clara woke up on a Saturday night with more intense pain. She told Corrie, I'm going to sleep on the couch downstairs. Corrie asked jokingly if they needed to go to the hospital " the joke being that he is a Discharge Planner at the hospital with a shift beginning the next morning. She shrugged off the silly comment with a "nooooooo" and headed towards the bathroom where she then fell to the floor in pain. She knew this wasn't right and immediately told Corrie that maybe they should head to the hospital. Since he had to work there the next morning and they both assumed this was just exacerbated back pain due to a minor issue, Corrie quickly got ready for work before they went to the hospital so he could be ready to go for his morning shift. 

What was thought to be a minor back issue quickly became a harsh reality the cancer had aggressively returned and spread to her lungs and spine. She was quickly transferred to Candler Hospital in Savannah where she was treated for 11 days, undergoing pleurcentesis twice where they drained a combined 1200 ml of fluid building up around her lungs, treated the intensifying pain and underwent radiation at the Mary Telfair Cancer Pavilion where she had to be taken by ambulance for each treatment. 

Her pain became manageable but the pain medication made her nauseated and caused vomiting multiple times a day. It took a month for these symptoms to stabilize. She continues palliative chemotherapy to help manage the pain and slow the cancer growth. 

Despite the uncertain grim prognosis she continues to have the positive outlook and credo, "I may have cancer but cancer does NOT have me!"























July 2014  Feature



Name: Clara

Birthday: April 12

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer


Mailing Address:



C/O ShareaCard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022




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