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November 2001


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Colleen's Story


as told by Colleen


Our good friend Colleen passed away on March 9, 2004. She will be greatly missed as she participated in ALL aspects of cacfriends.com & ShareaCard.org, along with being a sweet friend to so many of us.

CAC Friend Margie P. created this in memory...



In 1983 at the age of 20 I was diagnosed with Neurofibramotosis II aka NF2. NF2 affects the brain and spinal chord which is what differentiates it from NF 1. My entire life changed. At this time I had 1 of 2 acoustic neuromas removed which left me deaf. The second tumor was removed in 1986/1987 in a 2 part process. Numerous 'little' surgeries were done on fibromas through out my body (hands feet fingers etc) since these fibromas grow on nerves themselves under the skin and can be excruciatingly painful. It was necessary and the only means of relief. There is no cure for NF. Basically my life had become having surgery, recuperating or occupational/physical therapy. In 1991 a dumbell shaped tumor on my brain stem/spinal chord was found, and again surgery. All of this (symtoms or surgeries) has left me with many more problems, disabilities and a whole new way of dealing with life....humorously.


My mom has been my biggest supporter. She's moved to hospitals with me and I've just really know that she's there for me when I need her as is the Lord. There have been many situations in my life where circumstances and their details were resolved PERFECTLY which could haveby no means been done by anyone but God This was all too clear. HE has been my strength through all of this and still is. I have had several quiet years (no surgeries) but dealt with other problems requiring a Pain management clinic, opthamology orthopedics, pulmonary clinics and so on Through all of this I have strived for a positive independent way of life. People comment about how amazing I am which rather annoys me. To me what choice do I have? Give up crawl into a corner? Be miserable? Cry why me? That is not me at all. I will confess I did do this last Fall when I was told that there was nothing more that they could do. I was also severely sick with pneumonia I did get through my 'dark' period and threw myself back into 'life'. I'm trying very hard to maintain my positive outlook despite the emergency surgery I just came home from (November 2001) and a very uncertain future.

Since I have found 'life' on the computer I have a whole new world which is easy to be free of any impairments. CAC Friends has become my world. It is a great place to 'live' and I am a part of ShareaCard and am very very happy to be as I can empathize with many of these monthly features. Colleen B. (Pictured above with her Mom - Colleen is on the right)



November 2001 Feature



Name: Colleen

Birthday: April 15


Neurofibramotosis II


Mailing Address:


Thank you for the

cards mailed to Colleen and her family.





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