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February 2003


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Cora's Story


as told by her friend Colleen


                   Cora passed away on Sunday March 6th, 2005. Our deepest sympathies to her family.

Cora is a very special 79 yr old (80 on May 22 of 2003) woman. Shareacard featuring her is very different to Cora. She is the type of person to always think of others rather than herself. She really needs this special kindness right now and all of the prayers that are behind it. Cora was married for 54 years and became a widow 7 years ago. Her husband had cancer twice which placed her in the care giver role for a very long drawn out period with a lot of ups and downs mostly downs.

Cora had a fulfilling life. She worked for Allen Morrison many years, was a volunteer at The Fine Arts Center, was secretary for The Virginia Federation Garden Club which she loved, is a charter member of the Suburban Women’s Club, and was a volunteer at the Madison Heights Library for several years. Cora retired 2 years ago due to vision problems, a symptom related to diabetes.


Cora has many health concerns presently one of which is breast cancer requiring radiation treatments which she has just completed. Heart problems reside as the primary concern at this time. Cora was in the hospital until last week being monitored for high blood pressure and heart concerns.


Throughout all of these trials, Cora has maintained a positive up beat attitude. She always has a smile for everyone. She has many friends especially from her church. These kind hearted souls are her ‘family’ It is my opinion as one of her friends that Cora would benefit and deserves the support and caring which Shareacard can provide. She is a very special person and anyone who knows her is truly blessed.


Card Tips: Cora's favorite colors are blue, pink, mauve She belonged to a garden club so anything garden related. Her favorite flower is the magnolia. Humming birds are another favorite. Church activities are a big hobby but a lot of this is no longer possible due to physical limitations or a lack of transportation (a major dilemma)





February 2003 Feature


Name: Cora

Birthday: May 22

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Interests/Likes: Gardening/Magnolias/

Hummingbirds/ Favorite Colors are blue/pink/mauve


Mailing Address:


Thank you for the

cards mailed to Cora.





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