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July 2016


  May            Darcy / Patty H.         September

Darcy's Story


Darcy and Brad welcomed their first child, a healthy little girl named Riley, in March. In April Darcy began noticing she was losing feeling in her foot.

A few weeks later, she lost feeling in her other foot. After many tests doctors diagnosed Darcy with Stage 3 Metastatic Melanoma.

She has no dermal spots on her skin, and had no symptoms. Doctors explained that pregnancy allows the immune system to shut down to protect the baby.

 It also allowed cancer to grow throughout her body-- her brain, her spine, her lungs, and her kidneys.


In the last two months Darcy and Brad have been on a rollercoaster. She temporarily lost mobility from the waist down and is now working to regain her strength.

She has completed her targeted brain radiation and some immunotherapy treatments. This will be a long road, but she we will win this battle!


Cuddling her baby girl is the best medicine she could ever ask for.

She is comforted by any cards with words of encouragement and faith.

Thank you in advance for bringing a little more joy to her day.


She is such a strong woman!


Comments: Darcy loves navy and green.

She also loves anything nautical.

They live by the beach and love being by the water.

She also loves dogs- specifically big labs.

She works at a school so anything school or child related brings her joy.


















July 2016  Feature



Name: Darcy

Birthday: February 20th

Diagnosis:  Melanoma

Interests/Likes: Navy and Green/ Nautical/Dogs/


Mailing Address:


C/O ShareaCard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022





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