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    October  2009


  «September              Darlene/Troy           November»

Darlene's Story


as told by her daughter, Jill


Darlene passed away on April 25, 2011. Our deepest sympathies to Jill and all of the family.


My Mom, Darlene, was admitted to the hospital at the end of July and had vascular surgery on her left leg to try to establish blood flow to her foot – she suffers from peripheral artery disease and diabetes and she did not have a pulse in her foot the day she was admitted.  After the surgery, she developed wound issues and underwent three more surgeries to debride (deep clean) the wounds.  Unfortunately, on Friday, September 25th, the surgeons had to amputate her leg above the knee.  Right now, Mom is going through rehabilitation in the hospital to try to learn how to transfer herself from chair to bed, chair to car, chair to bath etc….  She will be in the rehab unit at the hospital for another month or so before they will dismiss her to go home.  She is also battling some confusion brought on by being hospitalized for so long.  Mom also suffered from a couple of bouts of major delirium during her hospitalization.  We thought we were going to lose her a couple of times but she has fought very hard to get through it all.



  Any encouragement you could send her way would be very much appreciated!

Comments: She loves to read tabloid magazines, works on puzzles daily, loves to play slot machines...cha-ching!  Lots of allergies so please don't send anything scented.










October  2009 Feature



Name: Darlene

Birthday: March 4th

Diagnosis: Peripheral Artery Disease/Amputation/


Interests/Likes: Reading Tabloid Magazines/ Doing Puzzles

Updates On: Darlene

Mailing Address:







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