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May 2000


   April       David Ι Ashleigh        June


David's Story


as told by his wife Patricia


My husband David has been very ill. He had to go to the hospital and receive 6 blood tranfusions. The doctors have then been trying to find out where he is losing the blood from. David went and had an endoscopy done and we went for the results. He has Barrett's Esophagus which is a precancerous condition. They found his Esophagus to be very ulcerated and took several biopies. They also found his hiatal hernia to be extremely large and at least 4" of his stomach is up in his esophagus. The doctor has told us that he will repeat the endoscopy in 3 months to take more biopsies because this will turn into cancer of the esophagus, it's just a matter of when. They will try to catch it right away but then they will have to take out his esophagus. He also has to go up to the Cleveland Clinic to have surgery on his hiatal hernia. Until this is done the acid reflux will keep making the Barrett's Esophagus worse. They are also going to do the colonoscopy to check for colon cancer. He is at high risk for that since his father had it and David has already had a positive occult blood test. I have just been praying and praying, asking the Lord to please watch over him and to keep him from getting the cancer. This is a very difficult time for us especially since David does not have any insurance. Also we are trying to get by on my Social Security since David is unable to work right now. We are trying to work with Cleveland Clinic at this time because David needs to have the surgery right away. For every day that he does not have the surgery his chances of getting cancer increase tremendously. We would both truly appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers. (Pictured: David with his Mom)






May 2000 Feature



Name: David


Diagnosis: Barrett's Esophagus


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