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December 2013


  November    Debbie H. / Warren   January

Debbie H.'s Story

as told by her sister, Cindy


Our deepest sympathies to Cindy, John and family on the loss of a wonderful woman, June 4, 2014



Debbie is the mother of two children who are in their late twenties. Deb is in her fifties and diagnosed with pancreatic cancer over one year ago. She struggles with ups and downs, more downs lately. She has been fighting back as much as she can.


 She has remarried over a year ago and has a supporting loving husband John! She is a a hard worker and has worked hard all her life, sometimes more than one job at a time. Even while getting chemo she still pushed herself to continue with both jobs!


She always puts others before herself. She has always been a loving and caring mother and wife.

Comments: She loves camping, cooking over open fire, toasted marshmallows. Loves to walk in the parks if energy enough to do so. Loves flowers and working in flower gardens! She likes purple and Red, Vanilla in candles or other ones that smell good like the Christmas or fall spices, she likes to get scratch off lottery tickets, any kind of flowers

















December 2013  Feature



Name: Debbie H.

Birthday: August 22nd

Diagnosis:  Pancreatic Cancer

Interests/Likes: Camping/Flowers/Gardening

Mailing Address:


Thank you for all the cards mailed to Debbie!




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