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March 2004


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  Dee's Story


as told by her daughter Jennifer


Dee passed away on January 1, 2005.

Our deepest sympathy and love go to Dee's family and friends.


Dee is a wonderful woman, mother, grandmother and friend. She has had a lot of complications since the diagnosis of her cancer. They have recently found a tumor in her brain that has spread from her lungs.

This is Dee's second battle with cancer she beat it in 1989 and was cancer free for 15 years.  She is a fighter and doesn't plan on giving up anytime soon.


She loves beanie babies, crossword puzzle books, crocheting and flowers.


Throughout all of these trials, Cora has maintained a positive up beat attitude. She always has a smile for everyone. She has many friends especially from her church. These kind hearted souls are her ‘family’ It is my opinion as one of her friends that Cora would benefit and deserves the support and caring which Shareacard can provide. She is a very special person and anyone who knows her is truly blessed.


Card Tips: Cora's favorite colors are blue, pink, mauve She belonged to a garden club so anything garden related. Her favorite flower is the magnolia. Humming birds are another favorite. Church activities are a big hobby but a lot of this is no longer possible due to physical limitations or a lack of transportation (a major dilemma)








March 2004 Feature


Dee with her grandsons


Name: Dee

Birthday: August 15

Diagnosis: Stage IV Lung Cancer with a secondary tumor in the brain

Interests/Likes: Beanie Babies/Puzzle books/



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