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   March  2010


  February          Dorothy /Amanda          April

Dorothy's Story


as told by her daughter, Lucy



My mother recently had to have surgery to remove half of her thyroid as she was experiencing pain and a host of other symptoms, she'd been through a host of tests to find what was going on.  While they did not find the cancer initially, they found she had experienced a mini stroke at some point.  Then when they examined her thyroid, they found cancer, so on March 3 she will be having surgery to remove the rest of the thyroid. We hope they get it all and that it hasn't spread elsewhere.  She is experiencing alot of tiredness and seems a little down right with concern , of course.  She is also concerned about my sister Roxy who was once a feature of ShareaCard as she is experiencing some problem related to her previous bouts of breast cancer, so her plate is full right now. Any cheering up would be nice for her.

Comments: My mom's favorite thing is cooking which she isn't doing much of right now. She loves to clean but that is limited now.  She loves sage green and mauve and rose colors, she loves vintage, she loves doilies and pretty feminine things!  She loves flannel pajamas.

Dorothy with her husband




March  2010 Feature



Name: Dorothy S.

Birthday: December 21

Diagnosis: Thyroid Cancer

Interests/Likes: Favorite Colors are Sage Green/ Mauve & Rose/ Cooking/ Cleaning

Updates On: Dorothy

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