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February 2004


January       Elmer & Teri       March


Elmer & Teri's Story


as told by their daughter and longtime CACFriend,Barb



2/13/04 Elmer and Terri thank you all for the wonderful support in the cards, flowers, and special gifts. Terri and I were both with Elmer tonight at 7:10 as he joined his Lord. He was very peaceful and now is out of pain. ~Barb


8/27/05 My dear mom lost her battle with cancer last night around 10 pm. Denelle and I were at her side. She had a very peaceful death and is now with her Lord and my dear father. Please thank everyone from Share-a-Card for the wonderful gifts and cards throughout her and my father's illnesses. They both spoke so highly of all of you and Suzanne and for this wonderful organization and group. . ~Barb.

Our deepst sympathies to Barb and her family.


Elmer lost his mom at 4 yrs. old and sister at 14 yrs. of TB. He lived with his dad and cousins. His dad was 51 when he was born, so he basically had to take care of his dad. He met his wife Terri just after WWII where he nearly died from pneumonia. We think this illness was God's way of protecting him as most of his buddies died where he was fighting. He lived a wonderful life with my mom but has suffered many major illnesses. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 12 yrs ago and was in remission until just recently. He also suffered and abdominal aneurysm surgery for which his heart stopped during the surgery. He also endured bypass heart surgery and major artery reconstruction of his leg due to more aneurysms. My mom has been taking care of him, but has also been diagnosed with bladder cancer for which she just finished chemotherapy about 2 months ago. They both are very Christian people and have always given
everything to help anyone else. My dad has started to hemorrhage and aquired an infection which also has shortened his time considerably.


Terri would appreciate anything Christian.











February 2004 Feature




Name: Terri B.

Birthday: May 24

Diagnosis: Bladder Cancer

Interests/Likes: Anything Christian


Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to Elmer & Teri.




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