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September  2008


      August            Francie/ Penny           October

Francie's Story


as told by her friend, Kayetta

Francie is 42 yrs. old.  She is divorced and has no children and lives with her mother, Francelene. She was diagnosed with MS in 1992.  She is mobile with a cane and helping hands. She drives a little.  She gets a shot 3 times a week. She is living with her mother.
She was a college student but received no degree. She studied history and took many classes on religion. Francie has a good sense of humor and is very funny. 


She has gone to Paris, France twice and saw the Mono Lisa and saw Jimmy Morrison's grave before they moved him.

Comments: She loves fairies.  She is a history buff. She reads a lot of history books. She loves cats and dogs. She has an old dog, Henry.  She loves makeup. She attends a Methodist Church.


Her favorite actor is Al Pacino. Her favorite movie is "Scent of a Woman". She loves Celtic music and rock. Her favorite artist is Enya and her favorite artist of all time is Sting.


September  2008  Feature



Name: Francie

Birthday: April 17th

Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis
Interests/Likes: Fairies/ Reading History Books. Cats & Dogs

Updates On: Francie

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