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November  2003


       October       Fred            December


Fred's Story

as told by his family


Fred passed away peacefully at home on 11/21/03. His family wants to thank everyone who sent him cards. He truly loved getting the cards. He would get confused thinking he should know who sent the cards and his daughter Shirley would tell him who we all were and tell him where each card was from. He thought that was so neat and loved how the cards came from all over.


Fred was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor in early September 2003. He had been having some memory loss, followed by dizzy spells and headaches. He decided not to have a biopsy because the tumor is deep and the procedure would be very dangerous. He also decided against treatment. Hospice is now with him every day and hes kept as comfortable as possible. Since his diagnosis he does not remember that he has a brain tumor (please make sure not to mention this in the cards). After his diagnosis he said he has no regrets in life.


Fred is 86 years old. He has 3 daughters, 5 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. After his retirement from Mare Island Naval Ship yard he became a world traveler. He spent a lot of time in Europe getting to know family that is there. He also enjoyed going to the spas in Europe. Fred loved life and lived it to its fullest. Fred is also an avid baseball fan. His brother Bill used to be a major league baseball player and Fred use to love to go to Arizona to training camp when Bill was the pitching coach for the Oakland As.


Fred also loves animals, especially dogs.









November 2003 Feature




Name: Fred


Diagnosis: Terminal Brain Cancer

Interests/Likes: Animals, especially dogs

Mailing Address:


Thank you for all the cards mailed to Fred.




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