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2017 Holiday Card Project



The Purpose:

           The mission of the Holiday Card Project is to gather Christmas greeting cards and distribute them to seriously ill people who have been featured on ShareaCard and are in active status (we have had an update within the last 6 months). It is well known that the holiday season is extremely depressing to the shut-in and the very ill. They watch all around them as everyone shops and bakes and enjoy themselves, all the while many cannot even leave their homes and are ill from all their medical treatments. YOU can help make a difference in their holiday season! Just imagine the delight when a Feature receives a large box filled with greeting cards from all the United States and Canada, wishing them well and sending along caring thoughts. EVERY card received will make an impact this holiday!


What Can I Do?

            Participate!  Anyone is welcome! Perhaps you know of a Sunday School Class or a Scout Troop interested in a group service project? Last year, we had several Members do this as a family project! One Member even presented it to her Senior Class. Not only did they join us in making cards but they also raised a couple hundred dollars in donations!

           Can't Participate? Help Promote! We have a Holiday Card Project Flyer available for download. Hang it up on any community bulletin board (ie: laundromats, grocery stores, restaurants etc) to help advertise our project.


Perhaps, you wish to help with our mailing expenses?

This is our largest project of the year and we need your help to offset some of our expenses. Last year our mailing expenses for this project alone surpassed $900! A donation of $18.85 will help pay the mailing of one our packages and be a HUGE help. All donors will receive credit with a card in a package that says: Postage provided by: ie: Susan in Texas

Details HERE 


Donate Cards!

If you have a surplus of cards of any sort, we'd love to have them! We have local Scout Groups, 4H Groups and Families that would love to sign them :)


Still Not Sure?

                Your cards mean sooo much to those who receive them! You can read the impact of this Project HERE



 Instructions for the Holiday Card Project


*1-- Cards should be signed with your first name and the state in which you are from.


 *2-- Cards can be store bought/handmade or even construction paper. It's the intent behind the card that means the most!


*3--You may mail to all of the Features or select from the list on the right.


*4--We appreciate all cards but suggest cheerful cards of encouragement, rather than "Get Well cards", since our Feature's are all at various stages of their illnesses.


*5--The Year End Feature's names were not known at press time so you may either put a post it note on the front stipulating "December Feature #1" etc... or leave unaddressed and we will write their name on the envelope for you when we sort them.


*6--Cards may be in envelopes but it is NOT necessary. All cards are placed into a larger box for mailing. We'll take your cards no matter how you send them.


*7--You may mail your cards as early as you wish but please postmark them no later than December 1st.


 *8--Small gifts/stickers etc..are accepted but not required!

They will be forwarded onto the Feature's they are addressed to. ShareaCard will cover that postage as well.



*9-- Our Features love children's cards! If possible, have them sign with their first name and their age.




*11-- If your cards arrive unaddressed or not in envelopes... no problem! We count all cards so if for example, you send 14 cards...we assume you are sending to all the women. If you send 36 cards, we assume you are sending to all Features. Don't worry, all the cards are distributed!




*12-- Ask your friends to help! We'd love to have your family/youth group/stamping friends/scout troop etc...send cards! If your group needs more info on ShareaCard, we'd be happy to get them the information needed!


*13--Since you have requested to be able to send cards earlier this year and avoid confusion in sorting, we ask that you make sure your outside card package says:

Holiday Card Project




Please follow these addressing instructions:

To mail an individual card to a feature:

Feature Name

Holiday Card Project

c/o ShareaCard.org
  • 992 Hershey Road

  •                              Elizabethtown, Pa 17022

    To mail a package of multiple cards:

    Holiday Card Project
    c/o ShareaCard.org
  • 992 Hershey Road

  •                              Elizabethtown, Pa 17022

     Last year, we collected over 19,130 cards!

     Let's do it again this year!




    Flashbacks From 2016:

                Visit our 2016 Holiday Card Project Results Page

    to hear all the exciting details from last year!




    So what are you waiting for?

    Send those cards!! Help make the holidays brighter for those who are sick!



    ***All personal information on our Feature's remain confidential for security issues.

    Still have questions? drop us a noted













    ShareaCard is Making It's List and We Hope You Are Too!


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    36 Cards Total


    We accept ANY number of cards. Send 1 or Send 36 +


    Click here for Printable list



    Women Featured (17)



    Alex  Niemann Pick Disease Type C

    Audrey  Severe Stroke and in Rehab
    Brenda  COPD with Asthma /Nerve damage in both legs
    Cathy F.  Breast Cancer

    Debby B.  Multiple Melanoma/ Extreme Lymphodema....

    Diane E.  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Elizabeth Crohn's Disease, Interstitial Cystitis,.... 
    Glory Mentally Challenged
    Helen ALS
    Jeanne COPD, CAD, A  Fib,
      Congestive Heart Failure
    Joyce  Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
    Judy S.   Breast Cancer
    Laura Ro.  Polymialga Rheumatica, Giant Cell Arteritis, hashimotos, Steroid induced  diabetes .....
    Kyliegh  Mitochondrial Disease
    Sandy D. Mentally Challenged
    Tammy W.  Awaiting a Heart Transplant
    Wanda Breast Cancer/Asthma
    Men Featured (8)
    Allen  Diabetes/Depression/High BP
    David M.  Cancer
    Jack W. Renal Cell Carcinoma
    Lee   Stroke
    Leroy and Wilma  Kidney Failure
    Michael L.  Mentally Challenged
    Ronald  Stage IV Liver/ Colon Cancer
    Rory  Stage IV Cancer
    Children Featured (9)


    Aryannah  Meningioma Brain Tumors
    Ava  Cancer
    Ella Joy  Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
    Frankie  Neuroblastoma-1 Brain Tumor
    Kyra  NF-1 Brain Tumor
    Matthew  Acute Lymphatic Leukemia
    Ryan  Hereditary Chronic Pancreatitis
    Sammy  Alexander's Disease
    Sydney  Anaplastic Astrocytoma (Brain Cancer)


    Unannounced Features at Press Time (2)


     December Feature #1

    December Feature #2