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December 2006


November        Ike Ι Elizabeth         January


Ike's Story


as told by his step-daughter, Linda


We extend our deepest sympathies to Linda and all of Ike's Family. Sadly, Ike passed away on Dec. 18th, 2006



Ike is married to Thelma for 30 years. Between them they had 13 children and  many grandchildren. Recently Ike had a birthday he got a Chiuaua  puppy. He named it Jeff, he adores it. Every morning he asks for his beloved Jeff, as they snuggle together.

Ike is semi bed-ridden on oxygen 24-7 and has hospice. Through it all Ike has manage to maintain his sense of humor. He and Thelma are thanking everyone in advance for their heartfelt prayers.

Ike is an avid sports fan. He loves the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bulls and Tiger Woods.
















December 2006 Feature




Name: Ike

Birthday: November 19th

Diagnosis: Lung Cancer/COPD/CHF

Dallas Cowboys/Chicago Bulls


Mailing Address:


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