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June  2005


    May       James       July


James's Story


as told by his granddaughter, Melissa


James passed away on passed away on July 26,2005. Our deepest sympathies to his wife, Irene and Granddaughter Melissa along with the rest of their family


My grandfather, James is an 80 year old, very compassionate man. He has been deaf since birth. He has four daughters. My mom is one of them. He also has eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

He is such a special person and very nurturing. I love him dearly! He is so compassionate to everyone. He just recently learned that he has four brain tumors. He has received some radiation treatments to shrink them. Hopefully, it worked for a while. We all want to hold onto him as long as possible.


He loves to be outdoors. He loves to watch wild birds and the horses next to his house. He feeds a stray dog next to his house. He really loves all animals. His favorite color is blue. I would love for him to receive encouragement....thank you!











June 2005 Feature




Name: James

Birthday:  December 9

Diagnosis: Multiple Brain Tumors

Interests/Likes: Bird watching/dogs


Mailing Address:


Thanks for mailing cards to James.




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