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June 2003


     May       Jana Ι Sudie           July


Jana's Story


as told by ShareaCard Participant,Anna



Jana & her husband Mark have 3 children (Jaron, age 7, Jenna, age 5, and Jathan, age 22 months). Mark is a Pastor at Allison Park Church in PA, & Jana has a beautiful voice and sings on the worship team. Jana was diagnosed with Leukemia in May of 2003. She had been having flu-like symptoms for awhile and feeling generally run down. Then she started noticing random bruising on her body without any apparent reason for it. When she went to the doctor and had a blood test, her white cells, red cells and platelets were so low that they immediately hospitalized her. After further testing it was confirmed that she has Leukemia.

Mark and Jana are people of great faith and believe that the Lord will get them through this and that she will be a survivor. Jana can't believe that people that don't know her would actually take the time to send her cards. She would also appreciate your prayers as well.


Feel free to also send her children cards or whatever you may desire if God puts it on your heart to do so. They really miss their mommy because this happened so suddenly and she is having a long hospital stay. There are times that they cannot visit because of Jana's resistance being so low.


Jana's favorite hobbies are Christian music (sing/songwriting), riding horses, exercising and art. Her favorite animals are horses and birds. Her favorite colors are pink and green.
















June 2003 Feature




Name: Jana

Birthday:  January 19

Diagnosis: Leukemia (AML-M3)

Interests/Likes: Horses/Birds/Favorite Colors of Pink/Green

Updates on: Jana


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