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August 2013


  July      Janene / Pauline   September

Janene's Story


as told by her friend, Laura


Janene is married to Curt, with two adult children, a son and a daughter, along with a 5 year old grandson, Roman.  Janene worked in oncology as a health unit coordinator and has been involved with post abortion ministries. In February of 2012, Janene was diagnosed with 2 different types of breast cancer with lymph node involvement.  She had extensive surgery in March and a month later was diagnosed with bone metastasis.  Currently, her most recent CT scan shows no changes in the cancer and her doctor said the cancer is "asleep" for now.  Three month check in September.

Comments: When asked Janene what her favorites were, here is her reply:

To answer your questions.
I love to sing...love all music..especially Christian music and country music.  Lady Antebellum is my favorite. I love scrapbooking although I can't seem to get to it..I love reading... Especially biographies..Max Lucado..Beth Moore..Ann Voscamp..Sheila Walsh...Joyce Meyer
Colors...that's hard..I love ALL colors..but probably lean toward greens and blues..
Foods...that's hard too..
Italian...fresh fruits and vegetables..and my biggest temptation..cinnamon rolls. Lol
Fragrances.I love the smell of tropical scents like coconut and the smell of cookies baking and floral scents like..lilacs ..gardenias... and my perfume Liz claibornes
Mambo..I call it my signature scent. Huge fan of Pirates and Steelers.
Post abortion ministry and cancer patients are passions of mine..
And the ocean is my favorite place..anywhere...but probably Outer Banks is our favorite vacation spot. Music I love Casting Crowns...Mercy Me...Janet Paschal ...Greater Vision to name a few.  Shannon Wexelberg also.
I love to write also. My family and friends are my most treasured gifts.  i am blessed!!
















August 2013  Feature



Name: Janene

Birthday: May 8th

Diagnosis:  Stage IV Breast Cancer with Bone Metastasis

Interests/Likes: Reading/

Music/Greens & Blues/Steelers and Pirates

Mailing Address:



C/O ShareaCard

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022




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