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September 2006


                             August                Janet                   October


Janet's Story


as told by her aunt, Sandy


Janet is a bright, active 16 year old with lots of interests. She's been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of the knee and is currently under going chemo therapy. Osteosarcoma is the most aggressive and progressive form of cancer that exists. Because of that, treatment is also very aggressive. All chemo therapy is done as an inpatient taking multiple days. After only one treatment Janet lost her hair. The current plan and hope is to reduce the size of the cancer and slow it's growth enough to do a knee replacement. Treatment and rehab will continue long after the replacement. Though the treatment is long and difficult everything will be done to save the knee, hoping to ward off amputation.

Janet has been an exceptional student (number 1 in her class of 800+ students), and will be continuing her senior year in high school from her hospital bed/home schooling. She's been very physically active, running track and playing soccer. She's ranked 11th Nationally as a 400 meter sprinter and hurdler.


Like most 16 year kids, she loves to go to movies, listen to music and spend time "hanging out" with her friends. She has a sarcastic wit and finds humor in life, even posing for fun pictures once she lost her hair.


She's very social conscious and gets involved in causes, such as Aids awareness, endangered species, and anti-poverty. Her favorite colors are Lime Green and dark turquoise. She has a pet rabbit as well.  She could be a poster child for "clean living", being anti drugs, and alcohol. She rarely even eats junk food and so finds it a bit ironic that SHE has this illness.

Janet's goal...when she grows up...is to be an Orthopedic Surgeon.














September 2006 Feature




Name: Janet D.

Birthday: July 26,1990

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma-(Bone Cancer)  
Interests/Likes: Cats/Soccer/Track/Lime Green/Turquoise/Country &

Alternative Music

Updates on: Janet


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