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March 2006


February       Jennifer        April


Jennifer's Story


as told by her mother, Cheryl


Sadly, Jennifer passed away October 11, 2015. Her mother wanted to send thanks for all the little gifts and cards that were sent to her. She said they were the highlight of her days :) Our deepest sympathies to her family!


Update Provided May 2014- Jennifer is severely chronically ill and in pain always. In the year 2010, she broke her back and had major back surgery. In March 2012, she had a major stroke and lost all her abilities. It was a nightmare for her. She did regain slurred speech, but she is totally dependent on her parents for everything. In June 2012, she began having grand mal seizures. The drs will not give us a prognosis because she has such a complicated medical history.

She is now bedridden so all her hobbies are done from her bed. She enjoys listening to music or having musical stuffed animals. She loves anything interactive. She is Catholic and loves Angels, Rosaries and Prayer. She loves Braille and any musical cards or interactive cards.


Absolutely anything you can do to brighten her life would be truly appreciated! Thank you all so much for bringing a little sunshine into my precious daughter's sad, painful and challenging life. God Bless


Lets start from the beginning.Our precious Jennifer was born March 20th, 1985. She was born totally blind and missing part of her brain. That is called Septo-optic-dysplasia.She was also born with a disease called Turner Syndrome. The first few years of her life, Jennifer was in and out of the hospital, undergoing every test you can imagine.We were told at best, her growth would be stunted, which it was, although, she has reached 4'6 now.We were also told she would have severe endocrine problems, which she also has.She would also be learning disabled. Actually, she is quite bright!


She has developed osteoperosis,scholiosis,thyroid deficiency,adrenial deficiency,cortizol deficiency, estrogen deficiency,chronic sinisitus,chronic recurring ear infections and has some hearing loss, broncial asthma, and chronic low blood pressure,migraine headaches and muscle spasms.Because of the Turner Syndrome and no ovaries, she is having to deal with the symptoms of menopause.


The large doses of steroids have caused her to gain an extra 50lbs on her small frame and she is very swollen and puffy. Jennifer cannot walk very far at all without severe pain, so everywhere we go the wheel chair goes to. I want to tell you though that Jennifer is a very strong girl with a strong faith in God.Sometimes I think that she is an angel disguised in a little girl's body.


She also has an amazing 10 yr old ( going on 20 ) sister named Bonnie who loves her big sister very much and does a great job taking care of her. Bonnie knows every pill Jennifer takes, what they are called, what the dosage is and what time of the day to take each pill. Pretty amazing huh.Sometimes I wonder who the mom is.


Jennifer loves music, especially The Beach Boys. She plays the piano and is learning to read braille music at the Georgia Academy for the Blind. She got her first keyboard for Christmas last year and was thrilled.She loves key chains,marbles,playdough,stuffed animals and most of all JESUS. She has a very strong Faith. She loves cards that are musical or textured. She loves anything scented.


God Bless all the special children in this world, and God bless all the parents who have been given a special job to do, raising and caring for the gifts from God. We meet many special children and I can tell you that the parents may not always realize how special they are if God entrusted them with such precious gifts.


Jennifer(in the middle) with her two best friends at a Beach Boys Concert


Jennifer's Mom keeps a journal up to date on her website here














March 2006 Feature




Name: Jennifer

Birthday:  March 20

Diagnosis: Septo-Optic-Dysplasia/Turner Syndrome....

Interests/Likes: Beach Boys/Musical,Textured Cards/Anything Scented

Updates on: Jennifer


Mailing Address:


Thank you for all the cards mailed to Jennifer! They were the highlight of her days :)




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