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July  2009


  May           Jessi         August

Jessi's Story


as told by her mom, Jen


Sadly, Jessi lost her long battle on February 27, 2016. Our sympathies to her family!


Jessi "Bugs" is a 16 yr old girl who loves life and loves to play. She was given 24 hours to live before birth and is now 16 years old. Jessi is on O2 at night and is wheel chair bound. Although she cannot speak, Jessi loves to communicate with hugs and give lots of love to everyone she meets. She has endured three open heart surgeries, is hydrocephalic, tube fed, has seizures, and learning issues. Despite her limitations and frightening medical conditions, Jessi continues to fight and is a happy young lady.

Jessi is now into Tinkerbell, Sponge Bob.. she also likes ICarly and Loves Mark Shultz( Christian Singer..he sings "He Is"). She loves to watch his videos and here his music. She also is into any kind of stickers. Even price tags. :)

Jessi loves when her cards come and we sit and look at them together. We have started another "angel" book. ( we keep all the cards in a big scrapbook so she can look at them over and over.) Thank you to everyone who brings joy not only to Jessi...but us all!



Jessi at the Buddy Walk playing with a friend



Jessi on her birthday! Enjoying her new ball and jewelry.



Jessi, 4 days after her valve replacement.













July  2009  Feature



Name: Jessi "Bugs"

Birthday: April 29, 1994

Diagnosis: Pulmonary Hypertension, heart problems, hydrocephalus, seizures, tube feedings, non-ambulatory

Interests/Likes: Stickers/ Tinkerbell/ Sponge Bob

Updates On: Jessi

Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to Jessi!





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