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November 2006


  October        Jewlian Ι Joanna        December

Jewlian's Story


Until last summer, Jewlian was just a normal 14 yr. old boy, but one week in June he suddenly lost

weight, was extremely sick and could barely walk up a flight of stairs. His doctors. insisted it was just

a bad stomachache but his condition continued to worsen. A week later, after blood tests

and x-rays, he was airlifted to Hershey Medical Center, where doctors. discovered that only 5% of

his heart was working. "A couple more hours and I would have died". He was diagnosed with

cardiomyopathy, a disease in which the heart muscle swells. His heart is crushing his lungs

 and stomach. For now, he is on medicine to reduce the swelling, but his life ultimately

depends on a heart transplant. (Jewlian is somewhere near the bottom of the transplant




Jewlian just wants to be a normal boy. He is hoping to get lots of cards and possibly find a penpal.

His home is lined with angel trinkets and statues. His mom, Carmen, says she's just waiting on

the Lord. She knows the Lord has a purpose for him. Jewlian says he isn't afraid. Through his illness,

he has learned to never give up and always have Faith!


Jewlian and mom, Carmen














November 2006 Feature




Name: Jewlian R.


Diagnosis: Cardiomyopathy
Interests/Likes: Video Games/Watching "The Family


Updates on: Jewlian


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