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November  2004


     October      John          January



John's Story


as told by his wife, Roberta



John passed away on Wednesday March 23rd, 2005 peacefully with his wife Roberta and children by his side. Our deepest sympathies to John's family.



John was diagnosed of March 2004 with Renal Cell Carsinoma. He had a radical nephrectomy (kidney removal). He did receive a 6 wk treatment of immunotherapy which was the IL-2. In that process we had found out he had metastatic cancer that had spread to his bones. In August 2004, John had a brain MRI done. It was confirmed that there was a tumor on the brain. The tumor is too far down for surgery to be a possibility. He is currently under hospice care. .

Prior to his illness, he worked as a senior distribution representative. John and I have only been married for two years.


 John has 2 children who lost their mother to breast cancer in September 2000. I have recently adopted those children and I have one of my own. We have a daughter, Skylar, 14, and two boys, Anthony and Jordon, both 11.


John enjoys hunting, fishing and family camping trips. He also loves the beach and the outdoors. His favorite animals are deer and turkeys along with his Shih-Tzu, Gremmi. He loves listening to Country Music. His favorite color is green.


 Some of his favorite snack foods include 3 Musketeers, Cashews and Slim Jims.




















November 2004 Feature




Name: John K.

Birthday:  August 9

Diagnosis: Renal Cell Carsinoma

Interests/Likes: Country Music/cashews/Slim Jims/Favorite color Green


Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the  cards mailed to John!




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