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  September  2011


  August         John E./ Dick     October

John's Story


as told by his sister, Mary


Sadly, John lost his battle with cancer on November 7, 2011 Our sympathies to his sister, Mary and the rest of the family.

John is a retired road and Bridge employee.  He
worked part time for a local dog kennel. 


He was diagnosed with

cancer 4 months ago, he opted to not try treatment, it's slowly
eating him away. 


He loves his grandchildren and enjoys visiting

with them most days.  He loves to watch TV and checking his
e-mail.  He liked to fish, is a big tease, adored by his
family, fellow workers and wife.  Cheer cards be great!



September  2011 Feature



Name: John E..

Birthday: August 20

Diagnosis: Cancer

Interests/Likes: His grandchildren/Fishing/Watching TV/ Favorite Color is Blue

Updates On: John E.

Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to John!





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