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   August  2010


              July        Judith /Elaine       September

Judith's Story

as told by her daughter, Linnea


My Mom is the most incredible woman I know. She is so strong and positive. She is the best role model and example of what a woman should be than I could have ever asked for. Not only did she keep God as the focus of my life; which I believe is most important, but she was always and is my best friend.

She is on the mend after a few surgeries, and will begin chemo in July. It is just precautionary as the cancer is gone. She is a survivor, a warrior and a conqueror. I'm so thankful to God for HIS mercy. I can't imagine life without her; and thanks to God, a most remarkable surgeon and Oncologist, I won't have to.

We still have quite a journey ahead, but it will all work out positively in the end.

Thank you a wonderful opportunity to express how much I love her and how important she is to me and many others.

Comments: My Mom loves Estee Lauder and Black Amethyst from Bath and Body Works. She loves to walk at the harbor and work-out. She has the most incredible voice; and her passion is leading Worship. Her favorite colors are probably burgundy, blue, green and red.

Our most fun event is laughing about nothing.









August  2010 Feature



Name: Judith

Birthday: October 26th

Diagnosis: Breast Cancer

Interests/Likes: Favorite colors: burgundy, blue, green and red.

Updates On: Judith

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