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October  2003


    September        Karen          November


Karen's Story


as told by SAC Participant,Lori James



Karen is a woman who is dealing with a double tragedy and is still fighting. Karen (age 42) had lost her only child Kaitlyn at the age of 9 to a brain tumor. She had been dealing with the grief as best she could. She had even become a chemoangel to try to give others with cancer some support when just over a year later in Jan. of 2002 she was in a serious car accident in which she suffered a brain injury (TBI). Inside she is still Karen and she responds with her eyes when her fiance Patrick talks to her or touches her. Karen was once a speech therapist and now she is the one needing the therapy to try to regain the use of her arms, legs, and speech. But she is not giving up and neither is her fiance Patrick who has been by her side through it all making sure she is given all the help she needs to keep moving forward. She has recently begun to kick her legs and make sounds. She is fighting to get better!

Lets all send her some encouraging mail to let her know we are all here wishing her well.


Karen collects butterflies. The collection that was started by Kaitlyn. She especially likes to find angels that have butterfly wings as this is how she pictures Kaitlyn in heaven.

Karen also likes all the girly lotions and soaps with her favorites being scented raspberry.


Karen's family keeps a journal of her progress here












October 2003 Feature




Name: Karen

Birthday:  May 5

Diagnosis: TBI, Diffuse Axonal Injury

Interests/Likes: Butterflies

Updates on: Karen


Mailing Address:


Karen K.B.

Rolling Fields

Room C-11

9108 State Highway 198

Conneautville, Pa 16406




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