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  January  2011


  December        Kathryn /Antoinette        February

Kathryn's Story



I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1995 when I was 20 and pursuing a paralegal degree.  In 1999 I became very disabled and had to stop working and go on social security disability.  In 2004 I had my son and found out I had been having ms exacerbation's during my pregnancy that was attacking the gray matter of my brain and not just my nerves in my spine, brain, and optic nerve. 


 Since that time I have gone from being able to walk, walk using stairs, cleaning my home, playing my violin, doing a lot of baking and writing very legibly to being unable to do these things.  I am now 36 and very limited in what I can do and unable to do many of the things I enjoy. 


I value good health and the thing that keeps me going with ill health is my family and my Faith in God,

Comments: I enjoy loom knitting. It is the one craft I have found that I can do with my limited physical abilities. I enjoy reading and do so as I can but it is not often.  I love roses so that is probably my favorite scent but if it is natural then it is one of my loves. 


 My favorite color in green.  The chocolate smell is a favorite scent as well and since I  am not tolerating it very much anymore,  just smelling it maybe the ticket for my weight loss success.



January 2011 Feature



Name: Kathryn

Birthday: August 12th

Diagnosis: Multiple Sclerosis

Interests/Likes: Green/ Knitting/ Reading

Updates On: Kathryn

Mailing Address:







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