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January  2000


November     Keith    February


Keith's Story


as told by his wife Sue



2/1/03 - We were notifed that Keith has passed on. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Sue and their families.


Keith went into the hospital for the removal of a large tumor protruding from his shoulder 11/23/99. When removing the tumor, the surgeon found feelers coming off from the tumor. The surgeon left the wound open while waiting for the pathology report. It was sent to pathology and the results were a rare type of cancer, leiomyosarcoma. When removed it is very common for it to reappear other places in the body. Since it is so rare, there is little documentation on what will prevent this from spreading or reoccurring. Keith went back into surgery on 12/2 to close the opening with skin grafting from his thigh. Keith had this growth remove two other times, but pathology reports always came back clear. This is the 4th doctor he has been to for the> growth. The other three doctors said it was a keyloid and not to worry. But this is when the growth was smaller. This time the tumor spread rapid. He has been to an oncologist, who requested CT scan, bone scan, lung x-rays and blood tests for kidney and liver. The oncologist told Keith he might want to consider chemo, in case the tumor has spread. Just one microcosm of this type of cancer will not show up in the scans. The Dr. said chemo is in the gray area for this type of cancer. She would not give percentages of it helping. Keith's reports just came back clear. Keith has another appointment scheduled with another Oncologist for a second opinion and hoping this doctor with be able to provide more information. I have joined an email list for people (over 500 members) who have this type of cancer (LMS) and am learning a lot from them. The email group of the members that actually have LMS, say that 50% of the clear reports will come back within 3 years and the cancer tumors will come in multiples to the lung, colon, intestine & pelvis areas.



Keith with some of his cards


















January 2000 Feature




Name: Keith

Birthday:  March 25

Diagnosis: Leiomyosarcoma



Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the  cards sent to Keith.




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