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September 2016


  July            Laura / Aryannah         October

Laura's Story


 as told by Kath


Laura is a dear friend of mine. She is such a kind, compassionate, God Loving woman. She showed up one day and had made me a beautiful prayer shawl. Many strangers had prayed over

that shawl, similar to all the strangers that send cards to others....it means sooo much to the recipients!!


 I actually met her years ago when her sister, Faith came into my notary office. Faith and I started talking and she was facing a

cancer battle. We featured Faith many years ago until her passing in 2010.


Laura had a previous battle with cancer in which she conquered and was doing well. Some recent tests revealed that Laura was in need of an aortic valve replacement.

Further testing also revealed she had Breast Cancer :(


She is awaiting the arrival of her grandbaby due anyday now!


She is scheduled for surgery on Sept 13th so please keep her in your prayers! Let's get her lots of cards of encouragement!!

















September 2016  Feature



Name: Laura

Birthday: February 22nd

Diagnosis:  Recent Heart Valve Replacement/ Breast Cancer

Interests/Likes: Crocheting/Photography/

Church/ Her Family/


Mailing Address:


C/O ShareaCard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022





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