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May 2007


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Lauren's Story


as told in her own words

I have Dysautonomia, Eosinophilic Colitis, High Functioning Autism amongst some other more minor illnesses.

Dysautonomia is a dysfunction of the autonomic nerve system, which controls
all the involuntary functions. Some of those functions include heart rate,
rhythm and function, blood pressure, temperature, digestion, and breathing.
Every case of dysautonomia is different and ranges from mild to debilitating
to life-threatening. Mine mostly affects my heart, which is monitored by a cardiologist.

Eosinophilic Disease is caused by an abnormal number of white blood cells
called eosinophils in the digestive track. It causes a lot of food allergies
and intolerances. I currently don't eat any of the top 8 food allergens. I may not need to avoid all those foods forever. In fact, my next
food trial is for eggs! I had a feeding tube in 2004 but I no longer need

The autism spectrum is very wide. No two people with an ASD are exactly
alike. I also have sensory integration disorder, which is very common in people with
ASD's. I have trouble with loud noises and crowds, which makes it difficult to talk

to people and make friends.

My little brother and I also have liver dysfunction that as of yet does not
have a name.
But enough about the medical stuff... that's not all there is to me.
I love to listen to music, especially the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the All
American Rejects and Greenday, I play bass and guitar.
I love to read and daydream. I met my favorite author in 2005 for my
Starlight Wish (similar to the make-a-wish foundation)

I am a total mall rat and go to the mall every weekend. I love to shop at
Hot Topic and Blue Moon.

I have a dog, two cats, four parakeets, a hermit crab, a beta fish, and 6
rabbits that live outside.
I love horror movies and shows about ghosts. I'm a huge “Law and Order” fan. I
love the Boston Red Sox.
My father and brother are firefighters and I am very involved with the
department... I am working with my dad on starting a firefighter auxiliary
for the family members of the firefighters.
I am Irish, Italian, and French and I am very proud of my heritage.














May 2007  Feature



Name: Lauren

Birthday: December 23

Diagnosis: Dysautonomia, Eosinophilic Colitis, High Functioning Autism

Interests/Likes: Animals /Boston Red Soxx/ The TV show "Law and Order"/ Horror Movies

Updates on: Lauren


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