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August 2015


  July          Leroy & Wilma /Morgan      October

Leroy and Wilma's Story




Leroy has been on kidney dialysis since 2007.

He was on the list to receive a transplant but was recently taken off because of other heath issues, one being an aneurysm.

He goes to dialysis 3 days a week.


Wilma is Leroys 3rd wife as his other wives passed away from cancer and other illness.

Leroy & Wilma have been married since 11/23/2002.


His wife Wilma suffers from depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Comments: Wilma likes lighthouses, going for walks and pug dogs . Leroy used to drive truck and enjoys yardwork.


They enjoyed traveling but are unable to do much due to his health.

















August  2015  Feature



Name: Leroy and Wilma

Birthday: February 7th/ June 26th

Diagnosis:  Kidney Failure/ Depression

Interests/Likes: Leroy- Driving Truck & Yardwork  Wilma- Lighthouses, Going for Walks and Pug Dogs

Mailing Address:


Leroy and Wilma

C/O ShareaCard.org

992 Hershey Road

Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022




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