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   May  2010


  March          Leslie /Eric       June

Leslie's Story


Leslie passed away on March 23, 2014. Our deepest sympathies to her family


I wish to one day be an old lady....I know, you all are wondering, WHY? No one want to get old, but I do. Because in my reality I might not get the chance unless I get a Double Lung Transplant.

I will be staying at my home in Illinois while waiting. When a lung is available they will call me and have a plane bring me to the clinic as soon as I get the call. Once I get to the clinic, I will have the transplant and be in the hospital for 10 days - 3weeks depending on my recovery and then I will go stay with my sister for 6-8 weeks with a caregiver.


I was told at the Cleveland Clinic that I am a good candidate for this transplant because I don't have any other major medical problems and I was put high up on the list.


Here is Leslie's "Wish Upon a Hero" Site





May  2010 Feature



Name: Leslie

Birthday: August 12th

Diagnosis: COPD and in need of a double lung transplant

Interests/Likes: Favorite Scent is Vanilla/ Favorite Color is Blue

Updates On: Leslie

Mailing Address:


Thanks for all the cards mailed to Leslie





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